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E4B Consulting is an electrical engineering design consultancy, working in the building services industry.

We provide calculations, selectivity studies and power system analysis for MV and LV systems for large buildings, to support M&E contractors and M&E consultants with the development of their designs.

Led by a sole director with a history of successful delivery across concurrent projects, clients choosing E4B Consulting as a design partner can feel confident about forming honest and long-term relationships to the benefit of all.

Historically working on around a dozen projects per year, they have ranged in size from a few days for major M&E plant replacements, to hundreds of hours spread over a two year period for large base builds. Work sectors have included commercial offices, data centres, education and public sector buildings.

Based in Reading, sites across the south of England from London to Bristol are easily accessible for meetings.

Enquiries are welcome from M&E contractors and M&E consultants.

:: ABOUT ::

Kevin Edwards BSc (Hons)

Kevin Edwards is an electrical engineer working in the wide ranging building services industry, and the sole director of E4B Consulting.

I worked as an electrical engineer in industrial manufacturing before moving across to building services 20 years ago. Initially operating on a self-employed basis for a decade or more (T/A Edwards Engineering Services), I formed E4B Consulting Limited in 2022.

Enthusiastic about electrical design and a sustainable built environment, with a good knowledge of mechanical services. My current CPD interests are new energy technologies and their connection to a building's electrical infrastructure.

I successfully divide my time between clients to deliver packages of work to agreed fees and project plans.

Commercially, I understand the importance of long-term business relationships and teamwork.

Our approach

Work is done from a home office which is well equipped with technical publications and industry standard design software. For well defined projects and packages of work, a fixed price is formally quoted. Close working and a partnering approach with a client's team is always a goal. Visits to a client's offices and sites are made as and when required.

Software packages

E4B Consulting operates the following software packages in-house:

Professional Indemnity insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance is held for the business of 'Design Engineer'.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Underpinned by a first principles understanding of maths, engineering science and building physics, a programme of lifelong learning enables the delivery of current technologies to clients. Recent topics of study and self directed learning include:

Online courses


Our design and consulting services are delivered in the form of structured and attractively presented reports, tailored to the requirements of our client and our client's client. They are broadly categorised as follows.

Electrical design calculations

Detailed electrical circuit design and calculations are provided so that all parties can be confident that compliance will be achieved at the testing and commissioning stages. Extensive project experience has included:

  • MV/LV infrastructures with:
    • Parallel transformers
    • Large UPS systems
    • Stand-by generators
    • PV energy generation
    • EV charging.
  • Assessment of maximum demand in complex installations
  • Selection of circuit breakers and trip units based on short-circuit calculations and selectivity studies
  • Distribution circuit design calculations: selection and sizing of cables to satisfy all regulatory constraints
  • Equipment sizing and selection.

In-house, registered installations of (Amtech) ProDesign and Protect HV are used where required.

Selectivity studies and protection settings

A requirement in critical power systems, correct protection settings ensure that in the event of a fault, only the faulted circuit is isolated, leaving upstream circuits on line. E4B Consulting uses (Amtech) ProDesign and Protect HV to study MV and LV protection and selectivity. Tables of relay and MCCB trip settings are provided for commissioning. Reports showing verification of Regulation 536.4 are provided for appending to the EIC.

Power system modelling and analysis

E4B Consulting uses ProDesign to create models of electrical power systems. A necessity at the design stage for multi-tiered systems, the model is used for load analysis and short circuit analysis, as well as for detailed cable and CPD sizing. When a system is live, the model is a valuable asset for planning and designing any required system expansion.

Design verification

Verification of a third party design is provided for M&E contractors with design responsibility roles. Done prior to installation, all parties can then be confident that compliance will be achieved at the testing stage.

System expansion and upgrade studies

Electrical systems frequently require modification to accommodate general business expansion, new business requirements, or equipment exceeding its working life. E4B Consulting can examine the existing system, propose options and design solutions.


Office headquarters : Base build selectivity study

Working for the electrical contractor for the base build, the primary purpose of the engagement was to help them meet the design elements of their contract. A major part of my role was to provide a selectivity study for the LV base build, upstream to the six MV/LV transformer substations (14MVA total) and two tiers of 11kV protection devices. This involved interaction with engineers at the main contractor, the M&E consultant, the mechanical services contractor and the owner of the district heating and utilities network.


Hotel/residential/retail : Base build design verification

Working for the M&E contractor for the base build, the role included verification, detailed design and a comprehensive MV/LV protection selectivity study. Power sources included an on-site 11/0.4kV transformer with a parallel CHP engine, LV directly from a UKPN substation, and life safety generators. Close collaboration with the mechanical services designer, the contractor's project manager and the consultant's project engineer was required.


Technical centre : System expansion

For a large comms room and technical services installation which included TV broadcast equipment. The brief included LV infrastructure design, with A & B supplies, for a new UPS system to handle a projected load of 540kVA. An end client facing role, the full project team comprised their technical services manager and IT staff, facilities management, and the UPS manufacturer's project team. The project required a plan for a phased shutdown of sections of the live site for installation over several weekends.


School : Electrical design

For an outline design by the local government's consultants, close work with the mechanical services designer was required for a design and build contract. Attended design team meetings with the architect and sustainability consultant. Liaised with the UKPN project engineer for the design of the on-site 11/0.4kV transformer substation. Involvement ran through the whole project, to signing as 'Designer 1' on the Electrical Installation Certificate. A BREEAM rating of 'Excellent' was achieved.


Public sector : Electrical design

The electrical system - modelled in ProDesign - included a 500kVA standby generator, a UPS system, 170kW of electric vehicle charging points, and 285m2 of PV panels. BREEAM 'Very Good' was targeted and achieved.



The business philosophy is to form honest and long-term relationships with clients; being a flexible resource on a project by project basis, as required. Fixed fees can be quoted for projects and packages of work.

Enquiries are welcome from M&E contractors and M&E consultants. How can we support you with your MV & LV electrical design tasks?

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